Fall Hair Trends

Fall is a time for reinvention and renewal, but your wardrobe is not the only thing needing to be updated this season. Get inspired by this season’s hottest hairstyles, as seen on celebrities and on the runway. From deep side parts to braids, here are the five best styles to rock this fall:

Braids are bigger than ever and there are so many ways to wear them. Casual and loose or dressy and intricate, the options are endless.


Deep side parts are a quick way to freshen up your do. For the hot now look, divide hair directly about the arch of your brow.


Straight hair is simple, sleek, and completely on trend. Details like super glossy finishes and tousled body make it ultra-flattering.


Low ponytails may not be a groundbreaking style, but the appeal of the classic ponytail cannot be denied. By sweeping all of your hair back at the nape of your neck, this everyday look instantly goes from sporty to sophisticated.


Undone texture is all about looking effortlessly gorgeous. From slightly straight to slightly wavy, these long, flowing, tresses will never stop being enviably.



2 Replies to “Fall Hair Trends”

  1. Ahhh I so wish I had a little hair fairy to do my hair every morning in these styles! I am completely guilty as charged on rocking the deep side part – helloooo srat swoop – but I love the look of beachy, effortless waves too. Hah and don’t even get me started on braids! I’ve been trying all summer to learn how to do them but they usually still turn out a little rough… Whoops!

    Thanks for sharing all these though! 🙂

    j. parker

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