Lust or Must, Biker Jacket


I realize that it is the middle of August and most of the country is still suffering from the summer heat wave, but its hard not to notice the window mannequins sporting sweaters instead of sundresses. Plus, if we all waited until it cooled down to begin swooning over all of the fall collections, it would be November and all of the pieces I had been lusting over would be long gone (or so I like to tell myself).

When it comes to fashion I firmly believe that it is best to be smart when making purchases. Save on some things and splurge on quality pieces that will last for many years. As far as leather jackets go, not only are they an essential fall piece, they are meant to be splurged on.

 I absolutely love this J Brand, Aiah Biker Jacket. The soft Italian leather and subtle, yet fashion-forward detail make it the perfect jacket to add to your fall wardrobe. H&M designed a less costly alternative with quilted detail on the shoulder, a slim cut, and well-placed zipper detail.


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