Faherty Swimwear, Stylish and Sustainable

Fraternal twins, Alex and Mike Faherty grew up in the coastal town of Mansquan, New Jersey. They spent their summers hanging out at the beach, in local surf shops, and in the water. Their upbringing became the inspiration for them to design an eco-friendly line of bikinis and board shorts made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Together they look to transcend what is currently in the market and create a line of swimwear that is stylish and sustainable.


Mike (the right-brained twin) studied fashion design and spent seven years working as a designer for Ralph Lauren. During that time he traveled to factories from Tokyo to Taiwan learning the craftsmanship and supply chain needed to run and maintain a successful business. Meanwhile, the left-brained twin, Alex studied investment banking and private equity at Yale.


The string bikinis, vintage-cut briefs and empire waist one-pieces cater to all body types and style preferences. They are convertible, adjustable, and perfect for active beach-goers. Aesthetically they take inspiration from surfing trips and past international travels. The bold patterns were influenced by Indonesia batiks, Indian silks, and Japanese kakisibui-dyed textiles.

This June, the Faherty twins will be touring beach towns across the country to promote their line, but the brand is planning for an even bigger launch in 2014. They will be participating in fashion week and hope to open up a New York City store where their vision for the line will become an experience.

Faherty Brand Swimwear is available online now for your shopping pleasure at Faherty Brand.




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